It took a lot of malingering before I was able to process what exactly it is that I want to convey to fellow people relationship practitioners and / or consultants (yes my personal take on what HR folks should actually be known for). I have never been confident in bringing enlightenment and value towards The “Human Resource” given that what I had delved on so far was nothing short of academic or professional but would probably be called more on the realm of experiential given that most if not all of my learnings were purely based on actual human interactions.

I start with that paragraph to put context in this article that would neither be prescriptive nor restrictive as there really is nothing certain nor considered as ‘best practice” when you deal with people on a daily basis. If you would like to read about my personal navigation of numerous interactions and relationships then this might spark more interest.

"The “H” is always first in HR"

One thing that I have learned through my years of interface with multi-generational workforce is the agility in terms of dealing with folks tempered with genuine intent for each interaction. I am from the Gen X group and now have 4 generations of workforce. It is never prescribed to try to be one of the folks and ride through what the current trend is (caveat: this coming from a technologically-challenge non-conforming introvert). I am not on any social media platform (except LinkedIn an organizational mandate) as I still cannot fully grasp how to work my way through the apps or through whatever latest device out there.

This seeming ineptitude though has proven useful in my interactions as I tend to ask for longer explanations on matters that are totally alien to me. In the process though, this has left the individual or group on the other end to either find it amusing and would indulge me, or find it frustrating and angrily dismiss me. Either way, the other side, at a minimum, was able to vent their side of the story. It all goes the same way as normally an “HR” person is pulled in to the conversation when there is a people issue at hand, be it on a positive or a negative note. The venue for such interaction would be diverse in this day and age as the normal HR office can exist virtually, an evolution from the ancient closed door cramped office with an HR person across a table full of papers. So the “techie” in me needs to adapt in providing that listening ear on paper, on email, on text messages or other messaging devices. The complexity of writing and conveying your emotions has elevated to an art form. But despite the advances in the devices, the age-old skill of intelligent emotions remain a constant. A person needs to deal with another person on the other end albeit a face to face meeting is now rare.

There has not really been too much evolution in the art of people relationship management though technology has proven to make it more reachable in scope and depth. Stress would still be on the personal human connections that we need. That is why the “H” is always first in HR anyway.